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Links tagged with “cinemas”

  1. Cinema Treasures

    Such a nice site that keeps turning up in my searches for cinemas I went to years ago, many of them closed, split, renovated or simply renamed.

  2. Home - London’s Silent Cinemas

    “It documents the early lives of over 700 cinemas across London and its suburbs” from 1906 to around 1930. The map’s really good.

  3. The ‘Whoa’ Business Model

    Yes, this, a thousand times. Every time I go to the cinema and have to sit through loads of ads, I hate cinemas. (via Daring Fireball)

  4. Barbican Cinema’s Official Tumblog

    Documenting the creation of the new cinemas.

  5. Observations on film art : Pandora’s digital box: In the multiplex

    Great in-depth look at digital cinemas, the technology and business. Next year more than half the world’s cinema screens will be digital, not film. (via Snarkmarket)

  6. Mare Street’s failed music venue Ocean to reopen as Hackney Picture House next year - News - Hackney Gazette

    Ooh, that’s good. I wish it had been a decent cinema when I lived up the road, rather than the ill-thought-out Ocean. (via @catfunt)

  7. The Popcorn Palace Economy - The thirsty moviegoer fuels the business. By Edward Jay Epstein

    On the balance of food/drink, movies and advertising in the profits of cinemas. (via Kottke)

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