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  1. More4 cuts back The Daily Show to one episode a week | Media |

    But! What? Grrr! May have to get a Witopia VPN again so I can watch the Daily Show online. What kind of media industry is this where I find myself paying $40/year to circumvent region protection in order to watch a TV show? (via @megpickard)

  2. - News List - Football’s coming home to Channel 4

    Channel 4 gets Sunday Night Football. I’m very glad there’s some free-to-air NFL again, but am amazed deals like this are only finalised a week before the season starts. I hope the presenters are as good as Five’s were.

  3. SuperMe

    Phew, launched! I did the front end development. Congrats to everyone involved!

  4. The Solitary Life of Cranes - 4oD - Channel 4

    A beautiful documentary about what it’s like to work as a crane driver, looking down on London. And you can watch it. Free. The Internet is good.

  5. New Media Knowledge - Channel 4 Education Launches Online Project Aimed at Teens

    This is what I’ve been working on at Somethin’ Else for a while. (via Alice)

  6. Misfits -

    Click ‘Play’ to see what I’ve been making with Six To Start for the past few weeks.

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