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Links tagged with “cds”

  1. Animated chart of the day: Recorded music sales by format share, 1973 to 2019 - AEI

    Good to watch. Also, the static “Revenues by format” charts put the “vinyl revival” into perspective. (via The Online Photographer)

  2. My Cassette’s Just Like A Bazooka?

    A complete discography for all the tapes/records/CDs given away by NME between 1981 and 1988. Also some good commentary on the music and the paper. All we need now is a torrent…

  3. Mark Vidler // Go Home Productions

    12 CDs worth (4 more to come) of mashups / bootlegs / remixes, his complete back catalogue, free. Of the few I know, ‘Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock & Roll’ on CD6 is one of my favourite bootlegs. (No permalink)

  4. CD WOW! - Welcome to CD WOW!

    Cheap CDs, free delivery. I’ll forget the domain if I don’t put it here…

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