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Links tagged with “cartography”

  1. Locating London’s Past

    Amazingly good versions of the 1746 Rocque map of London, and the first (1869-80) OS map. All fully tiled, zoomable searchable, etc. The mapping methodology page makes me glad I never tried this. (via @agpublic)

  2. Antimeridian Cutting

    From that previous d3 examples talk, simply because moving your mouse over this map is extremely satisfying. Wheeeee…

  3. For Example

    A transcript of a talk Mike Bostock gave at Eyeo about good examples, using lots of good, live, examples of d3 diagrams, maps, etc. Really good. Also, made my iPad 1 completely restart… (via The Functional Art)

  4. Stamen design | is live

    If you’re at all interested or curious about maps and what can be done with them online, this and the following four posts are fascinating and well worth a read. Amazing, generous work.


    These new Watercolor map tiles from Stamen are amazing and lovely. I am also very impressed with the URLs. I wish Google Maps did that.

  6. OSM terrain layer (tecznotes)

    Some lovely looking terrain maps, and lots of words I don’t understand. it’s hard to remember what online maps were like only ten years ago, and now the ability to tinker with stuff like this.

  7. On River Maps « somethingaboutmaps

    Not so much for the Harry Beck-style interpretation of the Mississippi River System, but for the interesting explanation of the decisions and compromises involved in the exercise. (via Blech)

  8. ColorBrewer Intro - Selecting Good Color Schemes for Maps

    Handy tool for making color ranges for use on maps, via that Oakland Crimespotting heat maps post.

  9. David Rumsey Collection

    Oodles of old maps, vieweable at satisfyingly high resolutions. Mostly 18th/19th century, mostly North/South America but a few others too.

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