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2012-03-21 (Wednesday)



    These new Watercolor map tiles from Stamen are amazing and lovely. I am also very impressed with the URLs. I wish Google Maps did that.


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    @spaceboy Yes, play, you’ll like it! ‘Draw Something’ on iphone app store.

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    @tominsam @antimega How do you manage to avoid going crazy trying to draw with your finger? I am swearing a lot. (my usual username…)

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    Chesterton may not have found statues, but there are plenty of paintings of committees.

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    @dracos @gwire Nick is a 45-year-old professional who is having problems sleeping at night, and needs to find his nearest doctor.

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    @gwire “Charles is an ambitious Oxford-educated 55-year-old ex-lawyer who needs to find if he’s eligible for child tax credits.”

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    @Rutters88 Something that makes it easier to get a sense of the current state of a project. Decisions, specs, outstanding questions, etc.

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    press release headline of the day: "THERE'S A BAP FOR THAT". GREGGS INSTALLS WIFI ACROSS ALL ITS STORES