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Links tagged with “california”

  1. Mike Davis on death, organizing, politics, climate change - Los Angeles Times

    What it says in the title. An interesting interview. (via FaveJet)

  2. Google Maps - 3339 California 121

    Google Streetview of the hill from the Windows XP desktop wallpaper. The actual hill, not just “looks a bit like the hill”.

  3. The Online Photographer: Blog Note

    I keep hearing an ad at the cinema with a cover of ‘Little Boxes’ on it. No idea what it’s for, but I enjoyed the Featured Comment from Ctein on this post, who lives in Daly City, which is where the song was about.

  4. Homework and Jacuzzis as Dorms Move to McMansions in California -

    Big, cul-de-sac houses in America rented cheap by students. These cut-off developments are ripe to become the same kind of dead-end ghettos as neglected estates and 60s high-rises. (via @GreatDismal)

  5. 493. South Park, San Francisco.

    South Park around 1860 or 1870. One of many great old photos on this University of California site.

  6. Google Maps - Salton City, California

    The road layout of an American town founded in the 1950s, which failed to develop. (via Google Sightseeing)

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