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Links tagged with “burningman”

  1. Don’t Be Evil

    Interview with Fred Turner. 1960s New Left vs New Communalism, techno-utopianism, the politics of infrastructure, “Burning Man is to the tech world what the 19th century Protestant church was to the factory”, the electronic frontier. (via @michalmigurski)

  2. 龙焰 Dragon Burn

    I was thinking how interesting a Chinese Burning Man might be… of course, they’ve already made a start.

  3. Know Before You Go: Tickets May Come at a Higher Price Than You Realize | Electronic Frontier Foundation

    If you buy a Burning Man ticket you assign copyright on any photos you take at the event to the organisers.

  4. YouTube - Hitler Plans Burning Man

    Laughing at Hitler feels so wrong, but that’s what I did. (via Boing Boing)

  5. Francis is - What is Burning Man?

    Francis’ first Burning Man. Nice, to the point, description of the indescribable.

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