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Links tagged with “backbonejs”

  1. Marionette.js – The Backbone Framework

    “Marionette simplifies your Backbone application code with robust views and architecture solutions.” Sounds good… (via Code as Craft)

  2. addyosmani/backbone-fundamentals · GitHub

    A book about using Backbone.js (click to read it on one page). Looks good, and better explained than everything else I’ve read today. Wish I’d found this eight hours ago.

  3. Backbone patterns

    One of the few useful and not-entirely-confusing or too-specific things I’ve found about Backbone.js today.

  4. Organizing Your Backbonejs Application With Modules - Bocoup

    I quite like some of this description of how to organise Backbone.js-based JavaScript. (UPDATE: Seems very overcomplicated, without quite explaining why, or how to use its structure in practice.)

  5. Brikis98/lilac - GitHub

    “This project shows an example of how to use node.js to: Share backbone.js models between server and client; Share dust templates between server and client; Split up rendering between server and client.” (via LinkedIn Engineering)

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