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2015-03-08 (Sunday)



  1. Bartender | Mac Menu Bar Item Control

    I didn’t expect this to make much difference, but within minutes of tidying up that mess of pointless, ugly icons I already feel more relaxed. (via Useful Mac)

  2. Useful Mac

    Really enjoying this blog, because it reminds me of the olden days of trying out lots of useful, or less useful, Mac utilities from magazine cover discs.

  3. Marionette.js – The Backbone Framework

    “Marionette simplifies your Backbone application code with robust views and architecture solutions.” Sounds good… (via Code as Craft)

  4. Work with me – CSS Wizardry – consultancy, CSS code reviews, speaking, workshops, CSS, OOCSS, front-end architecture, performance and more, by Harry Roberts

    Another way to do CSS class naming. Here are so many names. All of them feel like they’re trying to make up for fundamental deficiencies.

  5. mroth/unindexed · GitHub

    “A website that irrevocably deletes itself once indexed by Google.” Anti-archiving. (Via Waxy)


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    @knotnicky I think I just don't understand modern websites any more.

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    @rooreynolds @0898CHEATHCO It goes on forever:…

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    @knotnicky I've only noticed it there when going to pay or something, which seems more reasonable. I couldn't even view that LinkedIn page.

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    @djonessays It is this time, but think it was iOS Safari last time.

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    I’ve seen this on a couple of sites recently… I’m both signed in, but also need to sign in. Make up your mind!

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    @infovore @iamdanw A further elite level of Uber, for billionaires who want to pretend they’re in a Hollywood blockbuster.

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    @harikunzru Similarly, I also find myself and friends having nostalgia for post-war infrastructure+architecture. Also seems conservative.

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    @harikunzru Please do, as I find myself falling in to that and want arguments to stop me.

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    If Apple made a solid gold iPhone, everyone would recognise it as obviously disgusting. But a watch? Well, that’s just ✨timeless elegance✨