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Links tagged with “apis”

  1. The Movie Database (TMDb)

    “A community built movie and TV database” that I’d never heard of. Has an API.

  2. OMDb API - The Open Movie Database

    It *still* narks me that IMDb was sold to Amazon, so it’s nice to see this. Last time I looked it was offline. (via Paul Robert Lloyd)

  3. DataFire - Build APIs and Integrations to process, serve, and sync your data

    Interesting way to integrate *lots* of things. The Node-based code is open source so you can run it for free on your own server, or use the pay-for hosted version. (via @richardjpope)

  4. In Oracle v. Google, a Nerd Subculture Is on Trial | Motherboard

    I love this collision between tech culture and a court made up of “normals”, as the author describes them. (Odd that the article doesn’t say what the trial’s about until the final sentence though.)

  5. Automate the Web - Zapier

    IFTTT alternative. More complex, more possibilities, costs money for more/faster responses, aimed a bit more at businesses than individuals. But, after a quick play, seems very nicely done.

  6. Debug and test your API, webhook and mobile back end service integrations. · Runscope

    For inspecting your requests to/from APIs etc. Also a tunnelling thing for sharing your localhost, but only on the pay-for plan.

  7. Liesen/spotify-api-server - GitHub

    “Implementation of parts of the Spotify playlist API. … It’s a web server that talks to Spotify using libspotify.”

  8. Hacker News | I’m done building Facebook apps for clients

    More people discussing the frustrations of developing for Facebook.

  9. I’m done building Facebook apps for clients | Ryan Waggoner

    Yes, this. I’ve only done Facebook Connect stuff, not built actual FB apps, but, it’s unpleasant and frustrating. Stick to the Web.

  10. Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset 1.0

    I keep seeing cool code stuff whizz by and I’m not making anything with it. May need to ringfence time from other commitments just to *do* something.

  11. Simonw’s geocoders at master - GitHub

    Python “code for accessing various geocoding web services with an ultra simple API”. Sounds good.

  12. The Little Manual of API Design (PDF)

    Sounds like a handy thing for future reference. (via Simon Willison)

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