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Links tagged with “1970s”

  1. Barbican centre construction 1970s | Flickr

    91 colour photos! Beech street before it was covered! Cut-away below-podium views! Gardens without plants! Views across London from the towers! Donkey jackets! Brilliant.

  2. East Anglian Film Archive: Basildon - Our Town, 1974

    Short documentary about the Essex Town. Lots of council-provided facilities. Things that now look a bit small, grey and grim. A lot of standardised typefaces. Great stuff. (via @mala)

  3. Scarfolk Council

    “Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979.” Very nicely done tone and artefacts. Hauntology as fictional blog kind of thing. (via @harikunzru)

  4. Light Entertainment (London Review of Books)

    Andrew O’Hagan on Jimmy Savile etc. Quite good on the general difference in TV and radio culture in the 50s/60s/70s, although it still feels like a very brief skim over the hard-to-grasp era/topic/atmosphere. (A bit late to this, catching up.)

  5. Barbicansalvage : Barbican Salvage

    There’s now a salvage store for Barbican residents wanting to offload or fix their original fittings. Not sure why it’s a Yahoo! Group, but still. Photos of retro kitchen fittings.

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