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2012-12-17 (Monday)



  1. Stuff from 2012 – best Bridle piece

    Best Ben Terrett blog post of 2012.

  2. Light Entertainment (London Review of Books)

    Andrew O’Hagan on Jimmy Savile etc. Quite good on the general difference in TV and radio culture in the 50s/60s/70s, although it still feels like a very brief skim over the hard-to-grasp era/topic/atmosphere. (A bit late to this, catching up.)


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    @tomskitomski @tomcoates Are they just one big Wispa? I was disappointed the Jaffa cakes were just several normal packets in a big box.

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    What a nice relaxing holiday day. I appear to now have a cold, but I assume this is merely a temporary arrangement.

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    @tomcoates Good morning sir!

    City of London, England, United Kingdom