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2022-07-01 (Friday)


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    Aside from the music, it’s so nice seeing so many happy people in massive crowds at Glastonbury. (even if they all got covid, I guess.)

    Here’s MidJourney’s impression of “Happy people in the front row at Glastonbury, 4K realistic”.

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    A few years ago I’m sure someone I know on here was wondering what the nameless stone sculpture is on the corner of Chiswell Sat and Moorgate is, by All Bar One. @artukdotorg’s new outdoor sculpture catalogue reveals it is Faceted Column by Stephen Cox.…

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    And the Pet Shop Boys set is the fifth search result for “pet shop” after programmes with only “shop” in the title, because all the Glastonbury sets only have the title “Glastonbury”.

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    For some reason, the Glastonbury section of iPlayer on Roku doesn’t list all of the available programmes. So you have to find them on a different platform and search for them.

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    @mathowie Is this still available?

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    Obviously these aren’t all typical good prompts, geared towards getting the best images. But if these “AIs” were actually intelligent that wouldn’t matter.

    Still, interesting to see how DALL-E Mini and Midjourney get better/worse than each other.

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    I’ve tried these same British nostalgia prompts with Midjourney.

    1. Do you remember Spangles?
    2. Zammo off Grange Hill chasing the dragon
    3. The Phantom Flan Flinger throwing custard pies at Keith Chegwin
    4. Catweazle licking a Funny Feet lolly

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    I am honored and excited to be joining the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation! I can't wait to start learning how best to serve the Python community in this role…

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    Congratulations to our two new board members @DawnWagesSays & @simonw and to our two returning board members! @kushaldas & @jezdez 🐍 🎉

    Thank you also to everyone who ran -- it was a truly amazing list of candidates -- and to everyone who voted. 🐍 💗