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2022-02-06 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2022-02-06

    ME REX’s Pterodactyl EP, some work, the Shenzenaudio Topping EX5, sleeplessness, the first half of This Farming Life season five, and Friday Night Lights season one.


  1. Insulate Britain! Yes, but by how much? | EssaysConcerning

    On the different objectives when insulating houses and changing to heat pumps, and how much you need to insulate, and when, before getting a pump. (via @economicalnick)


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    Remember this? The lovely 1983 Adam Curtis doc about Walton-on-the-Naze is available on YouTube again………
    so watch it now before, I don't know, Bilderberg conspires to remove it. (Thanks @AndyJSajs for the tip.)…

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    This is the story of an ordinary seaside town and the global powers that tried to hide it from the world.

    In 1983 a little-known filmmaker made a television documentary about an obscure working-class town in the English county of Essex. That filmmaker’s name was Adam Curtis.

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    @infovore @iotwatch Yes, fwiw, when I’ve had a road bike I’ve very rarely used the drop handlebars. I’ve always found them very uncomfortable on my shoulders and neck.

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    #OnThisDay 1979: Look! Hear! cast its eyes and ears over the thriving grassroots music scene springing up right across the Midlands. Which gig would you choose?

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    It's probably *not* the most New York thing that ever happened to me, but it's a New York thing I hadn't thought about in forever…

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    New Yorkers: what’s the most New York thing that’s ever happened to you?

    I once asked to use the bathroom at Kim’s Video and the guy behind the counter, who looked like Napoleon Dynamite with a lot of piercings, rolled his eyes and said, “you aren’t going to shoot up, are you?”

    Manhattan, NY, United States

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    “…total human-created mass (roughly half of which is concrete) reached the total weight of all earth’s biomass sometime in 2020. Eyeballing their graph, concrete alone will exceed total biomass weight sometime around 2040.”…