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2022-01-30 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2022-01-30

    Twenty year anniversary, blues, toothpaste, Spotify, not much else.




  1. Slingshot Organizer – Slingshot

    I’d never heard of this diary. “…with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression.”(via All My Stars)


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    @LaurieJ Yeah, it seems crazy all round. When I’m struggling to see is not the best time to use something tiny and complicated.

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    @robeirne Thanks, but I’m getting a 404?

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    @felixthehat I feel I shouldn’t get one with too much throw in case I wave it casually in the direction of the nearby army camp and end up surrounded…

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    @0898CHEATHCO Right?! When did this happen? Surely there should have been an announcement. I don’t even have a preference for 18650 vs 21700! I’m such an amateur.

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    @paulpod I wondered about those but foolishly thought torches must have changed a lot for the “better” in recent years… and here I am.

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    All reviews and forums rave about these complicated tiny “tactical” EDC flashlights. I can’t imagine some 80-somethings coping with these tiny torches with tinier buttons controlling such a complex system.

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    Looking to replace a huge but not very powerful torch with something better. Old torch has a sensible on/off button, all that I need. New torches are like…

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    @textfiles @Flickr I hope so! This help thread dates from December, when the feeds stopped working…

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    I notice that since Flickr "upgraded" the system that notifies you of people favouriting and commenting on your photos, inviting you to groups, etc, the RSS feed containing that information now 404s.

    And so another small piece, loosely joined, is cut off and drifts away.