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2022-01-31 (Monday)


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    Why are features I like and use the ones that are unpopular enough to be discontinued? (like the per-day views of my photos, which disappeared years ago) I must be very special, that’s it.…

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    @philgyford @textfiles @Flickr Hey, hi, it's me the RSS diehard at Flickr. The gist here is our new notifications system is nontrivial to adapt to the linear nature of RSS (e.g. batching faves for popular photos). Unfortunately, the activity feed rss usage rate was very, very low and it's hard to dedicate 1/2

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    @dokas @textfiles @Flickr Thanks for trying!

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    @drinkotheweeksb But it’s so 20th century! (maybe that’s a good thing)

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    Today seems like a good day to share this amazing graphic of UK land use

    (I estimate solar farms cover less than one tenth of one percent of the UK – 0.08%)…