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Blogroll Keepers #7

It’s been so long since I last wrote about new-to-me blogs and newsletters, that several things I followed for a while appear to have stopped posting. But here are a few things that are still going, in case they’re of interest to you too. The things below have been added to my blogroll, which now has its own page. Also see previous posts like this.


  • Dirty Feed by John Hoare is the best source of lengthy posts investigating the actual broadcast dates of old British TV comedy, and other obscure details, and is better than that sounds.

  • Granola Shotgun by San Francisco-based Johnny Sanphillippo is about “Urbanism. Adaptation. Resilience.” Interesting posts about houses, cities, property development, being a landlord, and more, all with lots of illustrative photos.

  • Handprinted is the blog of a British shop selling material for relief printing, screen printing, etc. A combination of useful tips/instructions and interviews with printmakers.

  • is a recent find via Kicks Condor and I’ve already discovered several fun web things there. It’s great to be reminded the web’s still full of interesting stuff.

  • Monty Don’s Tips and Advice. I do very little gardening but now we have a big garden I feel I should at least know something about it. The “what’s happening this month and what to do this month” posts are very useful as a rough guide to the changing year.


  • Afternoon Slow is Russell’s occasional newsletter, each one containing five things. Very nice.

  • All My Stars is Joanne McNeil’s very occasional newsletter. Thoughtful stuff about he internet, science fiction, art, writing, films, and more.

  • Cool Mail, Jenn is the occasional newsletter from Jenn Schiffer, “a web developer, pixel artist, and tech humorist” or “Your dad’s favorite web developer and lifestyle blogger”.

  • Did Someone Say Emoji? is Jennifer Daniel’s newsletter about Emoji – how new ones get approved, how they work, how they get used, etc. 👍

  • Today in Tabs. It’s been so long since I last wrote one of these posts that an entire “season” of Today in Tabs has started and finished. This excellent weekdaily summary of (mostly American) things that have happened online is very good. Starting up again in September.

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