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2021-06-10 (Thursday)


  1. In search of the new

    Robin Sloan gets lots of recommendations for SF books “that could only have been written in the last ten years, … that hinge on experi­ences and feelings new in the last ten years, … that repre­sent the current leading edge of the genre’s specu­la­tive and stylistic devel­op­ment?”


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    Unable to see any on display, I asked the butcher hopefully, "Do you have any pork pies?" at THE EXACT MOMENT that, behind me, the van arrived carrying the delivery of fresh, made-today pork pies.

    I'm not sure what to use my other two wishes for but I feel anything is possible.

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    I'm always confusing the names of various ominous organizations so I made a handy chart to keep track

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