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2021-06-11 (Friday)


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    @dracos @simonw I'm both unhappy with the Gulp stuff because it feels too complicated for what it does and happy with it because it's been working for years. At some point I'll try to simplify/modernise it and hopefully remember how you do it :)

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    @bfirsh @simonw Thanks for all that. It's so hard to piece the "right" ways together when there are so many ways to do things and so many opinions. When I rule the world there will be no opinions!

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    @dracos @simonw Ooh handy, ta, I shall look and learn! FWIW, here's what I'm currently using some aspects of which I'm not yet happy with…

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    @simonw I spent ages trying to piece together exactly this from loads of blog posts and SO answers and random repos. I'd love a site where I can say "I need the current best practice for using Docker, Django, Postgres, pipenv, for local dev" and see The One Good Way with optional tweaks.

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    I was recently invited by Grit Eckert to #photogrammetry capture Arthur Beale, London’s oldest yacht chandler, on Shaftesbury Avenue in their last few days before closing and moving online. I hope you enjoy this new model.


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    It finally struck me last night who Matt Hancock reminds me of...