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2021-01-28 (Thursday)


  1. Papercraft Models — Rocky Bergen

    For a rainy day. (via Things Magazine)


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    @migurski @infovore "Oh, er, nothing, it's all fine! Is that the time I must get back! Oh, that? It's an Apple Wat…💨

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    @infovore You're right. "OK, sure, flexbox looks nice but if this is the only thing worth coming back to show me from the next twenty years then…"

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    Sometimes I want to visit the past me swearing at Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 and 6, or even more past me swearing at Netscape 4, or even even more past me nesting a bazillion tables, and show me CSS flexbox. Although that might seem like gloating from stupid future ghostly me.

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    @minor9th I know nothing really but I very much enjoy my stainless steel saucepans from Nisbets, nearly 20 years old and look as good as new. Bourgeat apparently.

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    @hollyherndon have you listened to the audio yet? the overlapping distortions as the Discord audio muxer tries to keep up with so many people talking at once is an amazing artifact of this whole era.