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2021-01-27 (Wednesday)


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    @blogjam Everyone should be issued with a new Tumblr to start every year.

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    Finally, aside from it being 9MB and taking forever to download on my currently terrible connection, I really like this staff "photo", which you should see on the page but might have to be patient with… I like this bunch the most, the most relaxed.

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    Two bonuses… first an animated GIF of people cheering with varying degrees of enthusiasm, but still cheery.

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    OK I need to clean my desktop so here's the last batch of four. Why not try to spot which person in each photo looks most awkward?

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    And some more happy workers!

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    I'm still not sure if these photos of happy colleagues are evil, dorky or lovely, but I've collected more and seeing happy people crowded together at work seems increasingly odd these days so...

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    Holy crap, this “Phil Gyford” bot is scarily good. Must be GPT-3 or something, sounds far better than the usual human-powered ones.…

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    The way that characters on Twitter are dealing with difficult events in their world by framing them in terms of brands, products, TV series etc seems really real, you know?

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    Brush The Ethereal Mane Of This Wise, Majestic Horse In The Correct Pattern To Access Your Banking Software. You Have One (1) Attempt Before Account Deletion.