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2020-10-07 (Wednesday)


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    @hugovk Thank you!…

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    @liamgbatch @tfnolan @samuelpepys A sort of servant, Tom Edwards:

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    @macintosh I know someone who *just* got a hand-me-down flatscreen to replace their CRT TV. Also, until only a few months ago I was using a USB stick to record TV, and that was SD only.

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    Why buy from Amazon when you could have your next book show up at your door by cargo bike, wrapped in screen printed brown paper, tied up with string, and accompanied by an origami dragon? 😍
    Recommend Typewronger Books aka @tweetwronger for any Edinburghers in search of books!

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    Just staying Covid-safe wearing by the flayed skin of my younger self.

    Don't forget to wear your masks, kids.

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    pets can play folk games too

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    ah fuck

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    Here’s a thread of all the folk game tiktoks I’ve been collecting for the past few months! Starting with a great use of high stakes