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2020-06-09 (Tuesday)




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    @dracos Yeah, I meant that that code seems more terrible today - it probably, hopefully, would be easier to do the same thing better now :)

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    @dracos Everything in there around touch and device detection is probably even more terrible today than it was when I wrote it.

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    @dracos Aha! Thanks. I hadn't got round to looking into it and feared all that very old JavaScript. I will poke it with that tip in the next couple of days.

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    @dracos Oops, thank you! Must have been like that for a long, long time. Will fix.

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    @minor9th Yeah, that was fun. It's been gone for a long time.

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    @Carl_Rasmus That's lovely to hear, thank you!

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    A big tip of the hat to @guardian, @gdndevelopers for their free (to non-profits) OpenPlatform API that makes the site possible.

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    It's exactly ten years since I made my "Today's Guardian" website! It's still working (unless, I think, you're using Android Chrome or Kindle?) with just a few improvements along the way. One day of news, no distractions, finishable, like a newspaper.…

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    OH! I just realised it's exactly ten years since the site launched! Entirely coincidental. 🎂🎈📰
    The iPad launched two months earlier and newspapers had yet to use this kind of format for their news apps. They still haven't on the web.…

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    @philgyford Hey, it's wonderful! Thanks, I'll use it!

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    @philgyford That makes me very, very happy Phil

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    @philgyford We’re still showing this to design students at AHO as a great example of rearranging data/ content creating new usage

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    @philgyford It is a fantastic idea and execution. I still use it on my older iPod touch models to read the Guardian. :-)