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10 June 2020


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    @Preoccupations It makes me realise how little I expect politicians to demonstrate foresight like this, so it's surprising when those in other countries do :(

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    @Preoccupations That's such a good insight. Seems entirely obvious now he's said it, but that argument hadn't occurred to me.

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    And in that sense the "hindsight is a wonderful thing" justification is rather brittle. Because other countries demonstrated *foresight*. Largely because they decided to err on the side of caution, lockdown very early and have subsequently reaped the benefits.

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    Why was #EdwardColston put up as a statue in Bristol in the first place, in 1895, over 170 years after he died? If they wanted a white businessman/philanthropist (and we'll get onto his philanthropy later), there were many other candidates. Why a slave trader?

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    “They still haven’t replied to my emails”
    “Why not give them a ring?”
    “I’ve emailed them twice now”
    “Just ring them, then”
    “Yeah, could do”
    “Do you want their number?”
    “I‘ll send them another email in a bit”

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