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26 May 2020


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    @genmon @feedbin Just seen you're already using Feedbin, sorry for over-explanation :)

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    @genmon @feedbin I'm not sure it can search for the URLs in links, if that's what you're after. Doesn't seem to work for me, anyway. Here's the search syntax in case it's interesting…

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    @genmon @feedbin For example, my first and last results for "matt webb"...

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    @genmon I think @feedbin does the search. I can definitely search across of all my subscriptions easy enough. And I *think* the search pre-dates when I subscribed (if that's what you mean by "archives"), assuming it has that content stored.

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    @tobybarnes Ahoy!

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    Ben's Coelacanth is a beautiful and funny piece and very well worth your time. 🌲🌳🎄…

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    We all have more trees to climb. @BBCRadio4Extra repeated the @BBCRadioDrama Coelacanth this morning as part of the wonderful Telling Tales, and it's on @BBCSounds for a month.
    Tune in, climb trees, stay excellent.
    Wash hands.
    Be safe.…

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    so far I have not found a *single* account scoring higher than 0.9 via botometer that does not appear to just be........... an older person using tech in ways that are considered uncool or gauche by techies

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    A potent and accurate 90 seconds from Alistair Campbell.

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    me, trying to follow an American recipe