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27 May 2020


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    In one column, @samuelpepys goes to the bear pit to see a fight between a butcher and a waterman, followed by a stage invasion. In the other column Boris Johnson answers MPs' questions re Cummings.

    "…and there they all fell to it to knocking down and cutting many on each side."

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    It appears no one has made this obscure "joke" yet, so… *clears throat*…

    Dominic Cummings' explanation wasn't so much a Glomar response as a… LogMAR response!

    Thank you, thank you.

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    @NickieAiken_MP On the plus side, the MP's email was automatically filtered into "Junkmail", so at least I know that one thing's functioning as it should.

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    @kevmoss @NickieAiken_MP There must be an MP email bingo card. "I am clear" ... "put this behind us" ...

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    Having emailed the new Cities of London and Westminster MP, @NickieAiken_MP, I shouldn't be surprised to find she thinks this is all a fuss over nothing and we should "put this behind us". What a bunch of 💥🌀‼️⚡️☠️ #cummings #cummnings

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    @dorianfm 👋🏻 💻 ➡️ 🌎

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    Have a nice day, everyone. Here is a video of my cat who sleeps with a cardboard cutout of Danny Devito and gets mad when you try to take it from him.

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    The BBC accidentally said the facts of something rather than pretend that there were two sides to it. They're very sorry and won't do it again.…

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    BBC statement on last night's Newsnight