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2020-05-19 (Tuesday)



  1. LEM Swap UK | Low End Mac

    Maybe this is a good place to find a home for some of those old OS/application CDs I still have… (via Ask MetaFilter)


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    @benbrown Congratulations! I hope you have a special launch day mask / hat / dance.

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    @mildlydiverting @gwire I'm now thinking about the monkeys that are yours and are in your circus and looking forward to one day visiting kims_monkey_circus.

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    i used to hate in video games when you’d talk to everyone in a town and they’d all be like “did you hear about the PLOT ELEMENT?” and all the ambient conversations are like “dreadful days, these, what with the PLOT ELEMENT and all.” didn’t realize that’s just actually how it goes

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    4/ When I was raising my kids, I tried to instill ethics in them, as defined by how they acted when I wasn’t around to tell them how to behave. Company culture is like that. It’s the shared way everyone acts when you aren’t around to see it.

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    This old blog post by @dsquareddigest about why the radio in New Zealand is rubbish contains two excellent insights on the economics of the creative industries.…