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2020-05-20 (Wednesday)


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    @tomstuart There must be some parallel to the Observer Effect with these things. If I'm asked to rate any interaction I instantly think worse of the interaction than I did before being asked.

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    @ukglo I was intrigued by "et"... I've always assumed it was (confusingly) spelt "eat" but it looks like only if I'm Boswell or Shakespeare?…

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    @andy_huntington @irvinebrown @Jon19361355 @yurisuzuki Lovely, thanks! An interesting way of doing it, a nice series of bespoke compilation albums.

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    @tomskitomski Do your research Tom :) These have lasted a couple of years by the sea just fine…

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    @tomskitomski The day I realised you could buy keyed-alike padlocks changed my life (OK, only in a tiny way). Even better, also from, a couple of years later I could buy more padlocks for the same key.

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    Apologies. I don't seem to be able to stop making end credits for the daily coronavirus briefings.

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