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2020-04-19 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-04-19

    Birthday video chats, iTunes, DEVS, lockdown.



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    @guyharvey70 Given our inability as a society to handle an imminent, non-complex danger with clear ways to mitigate it, I now have even less hope for our ability to handle a decades long, complex danger. But I am a pessimist!

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    “…we were doomed by our incompetence, our hubris and our austerity.” I imagine “incompetence, hubris, and austerity” is, in Latin, the Conservatives’ motto.…

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    All of this is his fault

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    THREAD - History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes: a thread about the **Anti-Mask League** of 1919.

    I'm not kidding I went HAM researching this

    So, starting in Sept 2018 San Francisco suffered from Spanish Flu pandemic.

    Initial mask wearing was good -- around 80 percent

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    To be clear, I am sure the site was put together under a lot of pressure and constraints. It looks well-coded; I am not doing down anyone who worked on it. My concern is that the tools we equip web developers with nowadays are poor for producing resilient websites.

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    All these client-side websites, or Squarespace/Wix/etc producing multi-meg JS bloat. I feel like an artisinal cheesemaker sometimes. When all I’m doing is making boring websites. Which makes them fast.

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    All my life I've seen pro painters talk about "values" by desaturating in Photoshop, and turns out it's one of the most widespread mistake: this is the wrong way to assume values, as the maths are wrong, and let me show you why:…

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    Example of the power of values: this painting by the great Marcin Jakubowski.

    Check out the super vibrant color version!

    Now the BnW version. WOW! Super grouped midtone values. That shouldn't work, but he used color contrast instead to make a night scene SEEM bright. SORCERY.