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2020-04-18 (Saturday)

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  1. Michael Tsai - Blog - Chrome vs. Safari: Energy Use and Compatibility

    Sören Nils Kuklau: “Stuff like pasting a URL into the address bar, hitting return, then seeing…


  1. Library JSON - A Proposal for a Decentralized Goodreads

    I do like this general idea. My own site’s Reading section works for me but it’d be nice if it had the chance of connecting to other things via a nice data format.


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    From a nurse:

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    I always find it weird how little coverage gaming gets in the media, given the scale of the industry. Here, the effect of Covid-19 on “news and entertainment industries”. 1,100 words, 18 of them about gaming.…

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    @infovore @genmon @intrcnnctd I have which I don’t think has been repointed. (Don’t mention feedburner too loudly or Google might notice they haven’t sunsetted it.)

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    Latest UK 🇬🇧 Government Advice

    As we enter the next 3 weeks of lockdown here is a summary of the advice:

    1. You MUST NOT leave the house for any reason, but if you have a reason, you can leave the house


    Barnet, London, United Kingdom

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    does anyone know if we will get through this together or not? or if these times are certain or uncertain? no one letting me know