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2020-01-31 (Friday)


  1. Bandsintown | Live Music, Concert Tickets & Tour Dates

    See what’s on in particular towns or cities. Not sure how it compares to Songkick, which I use via RSS. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  2. Darebee - Fitness On Your Terms.

    Ad- and promotion-free, user-supported collection of fitness programmes. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  3. Inclusive Components

    “Each post explores a common interface component and comes up with a better, more robust and accessible version of it.” (via @simonw)


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    @simonw I haven't used this but… but sounds nice, and I *assume* that because it just enhances <details> that it's accessible. But then I'd never heard of <details> before now, so... :)

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    Thinking about buying a baguette.

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    *THIS* is the Bad Place!

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    The BBC may indeed be bad at younger audience but the Guardian thinks you use Tiktok on a laptop

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    Just slipped on a large piece of dropped avocado.

    Kings Cross has changed, hasn’t it?

    Camden Town, London, United Kingdom

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    Post your funniest “German compliments” in this thread. “Your first album so good, new album not so good, I will take LP in all 3 colors.”