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30 January 2020


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    @wildonion @harikunzru @mala You might be thinking of the 1995 'Scenarios' special edition. If I own one I don't have it to hand but it did feature a scenario about a plague… If you leave any scenario long enough the chances are it'll feel plausible eventually.

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    @JontyLeibowitz @wouldntdaremate cheers, very kind. That Gyford book in particular is great - 'Councils in Conflict' covers similar ground to it but is also worth reading if you haven't already

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    Whenever I see someone on one of these, I like to imagine they started out with a much larger vehicle and their journey has been riddled with mishaps.

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    Finally an emoji for chastising my business associates when they come to me for favours on this, the day of my daughter's wedding…

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    New in Emoji 13.0: Pinched Fingers, with skin tone support #Emoji2020…