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2018-07-10 (Tuesday)



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    I know little about Important Business Letters but can someone teach MPs about line length and/or line spacing so that their pompous letters are easier to read?

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    @gwire They’ve invested more than £1.9 billion in cyber, Lee! They’re that serious about cyber! Don’t belittle cyber!

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    @denisewilton I wonder if there’s any media that’s calling it the Men’s World Cup? I’m asking you because you love football so much.

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    @matlock @robmanuel At some point you would have to start reading Pepys’ diaries in real time. Then one day someone would want to re-live Rob’s media and get to the point where he… and round and round it goes.

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    @matlock @robmanuel I didn’t have much luck finding old cinema listings online when compiling that. Venues themselves only seem to keep listings since their current website launched (at most).

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    Animation showing the flight paths of all the aircraft which took part in the Royal Air Force #RAF00 flypast over London #commemorate #celebrate #inspire

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    omg omg omg I fucking did it I did it I DID IT I put 'artist' down in my Twitter profile I did it I FINALLY DID IT THE TWITTER PROFILE MAKES IT REAL

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    How come these people doing supposedly the most important jobs in the country can just resign at the drop of a hat when the rest of us have to give a month's notice and do a handover. THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO KNOW.