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2018-03-10 (Saturday)


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    @benterrett Also, an I Would Like This Delivered By A Salaried Employee With A Reasonable Quantity Of Deliveries To Make Each Day, No Immediate Rush service.

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    And the one time I’ve ordered something from Amazon this month I didn’t need it in a rush, so it seemed silly to use the free next day delivery, rather than standard. No point anyone rushing on my account!

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    Although, I currently have Amazon Prime for a month (due to pressing the wrong button) and it took me 10 minutes last night to find anything I wanted to watch.

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    @BarbicanCentre I can’t work out why your form for buying tickets doesn’t let you paste in credit/debit card details. Such a pain having to type it all in every time. It works on an iPad, but not desktop.

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    When it’s your birthday, and your age is a prime number, Amazon should give you free Prime for a year. Or maybe they do already? I shall look forward to it.

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    Editing a script is so often about a few key points:
    1. How late can I start the scene?
    2. Have I written past the ending of this scene?
    3. How little can everyone say and it still make sense?

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    @benterrett @philgyford Or, "give the pickers and packers a 5 mins break, from me".

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    @philgyford Ditto. We need an Amazon Bring It Round Whenever You're Passing service.

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    @kierongillen @mattsheret @philgyford S W E L L S 4 E V A