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2018-03-09 (Friday)


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    @egyptianreggae Oh yes, great album, and I forgot that one entirely! Thanks, I’ll add it shortly.

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    @kierongillen @mattsheret Thanks Kieron. I’ve added your tracks Matt. You can tell how busy I am at the moment.

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    @mattsheret Ooh, thanks - I shall update it!

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    @philgyford This is your work now, Phil, updating this playlist every single day, until Paul Morley writes a book about your efforts.

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    1. Remember the British Gas campaign?
    "If you see Sid, tell him!"

    It got me thinking: what would the Govt have to disclose if they were SELLING US SHARES IN BREXIT?

    So I looked at the Royal Mail share prospectus.
    It shows how close Brexiteers have come to financial fraud.