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2017-06-17 (Saturday)



  1. Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox

    Very nicely done. Although, even having completed it, I’m still pretty much guessing at how to do anything.


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    @tomskerous Yeah, it was alarming. Hopefully the jetsetting birthday girl enjoyed herself at least.

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    And yes: a Facebook post from a caterer says it was a “Russian 18th Birthday takeover at Somerset House”. That’s enough armchair detection.

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    I thought rumours that the @SomersetHouse fireworks were a Russian’s 18th birthday party too good to be true. But Instagram suggests maybe…

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    @CassieRobinson I can only assume their social media is run by Theresa May.

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    A Tale of Two Push Alerts

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    This dog followed the google earth guy