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2016-10-26 (Wednesday)


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    Those articles people write about why they’ve decided to leave London, but about leaving the internet, and for the same reasons.

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    @richardjpope But (in my dream world) I want data going back decades/centuries.

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    @richardjpope Tangentially, I’d love an historical OpenStreetMap. e.g., see what building, and business, occupied a space on a certain date.

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    @genmon @spongefile Pret should offer to blend your roll/sandwich and drink, for easier consumption on the go. Yum!

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    @spongefile @genmon I was going to say, sounds like the path to Soylent… it’s the only thing that would lead me to a Soylent meal a day…

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    look, lawbot, i know this isn't your area, but jesus

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    Gilbert & George's first ever photo taken with my father, last night, after dining at his various restaurants every night for 28 years.

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    @evacide next they'll replace the tab key with a "2 space" key.