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2016-02-02 (Tuesday)


  1. Teaching web development to design students

    What I taught to students at Goldsmiths and how it went.



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    @revdancatt Like a real Londoner!

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    @wonderlandblog Ha. Actually I say mine is handrolled… the blog parts are Movable Type. Movable Type! I’m amazed it still works.

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    @wonderlandblog You mean TypePad? Mine might be hand-rolled but is also increasingly ancient and creaky.

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    @mattb I hope it was useful. That’s the only tiny bit of teaching I’ve done, so it’s not much experience to go on really!

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    I wrote about teaching web development to design students at Goldsmiths last year:…

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    A great opportunity for a digital visualisation/interaction designer to work with clever folk:…

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    Work with us in…

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    Yay! My email has finally been replaced by 11 different logins to 500 chat rooms full of reaction GIFs.