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2015-01-10 (Saturday)

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  1. Surprise post (Noisy Decent Graphics)

    I hope it’s a design for a website for chatting to friends called FACEBOOKS


  1. Video: Kristin Baybars’ ‘Little Place in Gospel Oak’ -

    This toyshop used to be one of the highlights of a stay in London when I was a kid, and it looks like it hasn’t changed since. Worth a visit with your own children.


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    @rossburton If I succeed at one thing in life, it’s trying to keep URLs working :)

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    @rossburton That’s lovely, thank you! I’m very glad it’s still good. I should make some actually, it’s been ages…

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    @abscond I think the subtleties of this discussion are more than Twitter can handle :)

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    @abscond Or is that not what you mean?

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    @abscond I see things about class not infrequently. e.g., articles about how lots of actors or musicians are from well-off backgrounds.

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    @abscond Fair enough. I just thought you were saying there used to be lots, now there’s none. As you were!

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    @abscond My memory only goes back so far :) I just mean… I’m not aware of people not talking about it, if that makes sense?

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    @abscond I'm not sure what you mean. I didn't realise people had stopped talking about it. Is there less now than [when]?

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    I was getting frustrated playing Sonic, Herbie put his hand on my shoulder and said: "be patient my Padawan"