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I hope it’s a design for a website for chatting to friends called FACEBOOKS

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10 Jan 2015 at Twitter

  • 5:40pm: @rossburton If I succeed at one thing in life, it’s trying to keep URLs working :)
  • 5:32pm: @rossburton That’s lovely, thank you! I’m very glad it’s still good. I should make some actually, it’s been ages…
  • 5:04pm: @abscond I think the subtleties of this discussion are more than Twitter can handle :)
  • 5:02pm: @abscond Or is that not what you mean?
  • 5:02pm: @abscond I see things about class not infrequently. e.g., articles about how lots of actors or musicians are from well-off backgrounds.
  • 5:01pm: @abscond Fair enough. I just thought you were saying there used to be lots, now there’s none. As you were!
  • 4:59pm: @abscond My memory only goes back so far :) I just mean… I’m not aware of people not talking about it, if that makes sense?
  • 4:55pm: @abscond I'm not sure what you mean. I didn't realise people had stopped talking about it. Is there less now than [when]?

10 Jan 2015 in Links

Music listened to most that week

  1. Azealia Banks (43)
  2. Angel Olsen (24)
  3. Adult Jazz (17)
  4. The Bad Plus (11)
  5. Caribou (10)
  6. FKA twigs (9)
  7. Dr. John (8)
  8. Louis Armstrong (4)
  9. Rebirth Brass Band (4)
  10. Echoes of Yul (4)

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