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2013-06-27 (Thursday)


  1. Horace the Alresford Bear

    Alresford bears are very good, speaking from personal childhood experience, and this one seems a fine chap.


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    @takesthecake Easily done. A page of interesting photos with a sidebar of pretty women disguises the true horror of the paper’s headlines.

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    @takesthecake Yeah. Although usually the Mail’s “photos seen for the first time” type articles are ripped off from somewhere else.

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    @takesthecake It’s not just that it’s trashy, it’s that it’s… well, it’s like FOX News in paper form.

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    Every time I see a nice American link to some photo story on the Daily Mail site I… I don’t know. “What are you doing?!” I want to say.

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    @antimega “The graphics use a custom version of Helvetica…” The Typographers’ Union’s job-creation scheme is doing well.

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    @dracos I signed up, I just didn’t use the Twitter friend finder.

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    @antimega you and @russelldavies are @benterrett's Josh Lyman & Sam Seaborn.

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    I love the photos that appear this time every year showing happy campers arriving at "Glasto"