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26 June 2013


  1. The Great Gatsby VFX on Vimeo

    Quite amazing how little of some of those scenes are real, but completely work in the movie.

  2. HTML5 Genetic Algorithm 2D Car Thingy - Chrome recommended

    I could probably watch this all day. Like the older ones that had a single car, but seeing several “race” each other is nice. Algorithmic Olympics. (via @neb)

  3. ArchiveTeam OPML/Feed URL Collector

    ArchiveTeam need your lists of current and old RSS feed URLs, to archive posts from Google Reader’s cache before it closes. Fucking Google. (via @waxpancake)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Confused by the potluck buttons that cycle through “Friend”, “Add” and “Pending”. Why won’t they just go away?

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    I think I’ve got some Zip disks somewhere. Maybe I can attach one of those to this tiny and losable USB stick.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @secretbean Well I wouldn’t attach any keys to it. I’m not stu… I’m sure it’s a normal thing to do! :)

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    I’ll have to find a big metal keyring to attach to this impressively tiny piece of plastic capable of holding 32GB so I don’t lose it.

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    @jkottke Yeah. The app needs to demonstrate some worth or level of trust for me to leap that hurdle.

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    Went to sign up with Potluck, but to find my Twitter friends it also wanted permission to post tweets and update my profile. So, no.

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    @moleitau Of the Dopplr alumni, it must now be @tominsam’s turn to come up with a meme that gets way out of hand. C’mon Tom!

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    @pixellent Yeah, didn’t realise I was sitting in the shop window.

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    @stml I can’t remember if you’ve seen Mary’s set of photos:… (412 so far)

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    Darn, fourth day this month I’ve started with a “Who Put The Bomp” earworm. Thanks @dandelionradio / @metalpostcard1.

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    Reading @GreatDismal’s retweets of the events in the Texas senate was the most gripping bit of “news” media I’ve experienced in ages.

  • Liked tweets

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    Who DOESN'T cry at weddings!? RT @GovMikeHuckabee My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling that determined same sex marriage is okay: "Jesus wept."

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    Just gonna go with “hope you’re frightened of vaginas!”.