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2011-03-22 (Tuesday)


  1. That dreadful phrase

    The government’s East London Tech City scheme tries to make a single “city” out of two very different places.




  1. Performance Calendar » PNG that works

    Everything you need to know about PNGs on the web in one handy, well-explained page. (via Dotcode)


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    I know a few of you like Thomas Dolby… three tracks from a 1984 gig were just played on Gideon Coe on #6Music, no doubt on iPlayer later.

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    @benterrett That's what they want you to do!

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    @GreatDismal Are there any typically "dystopian" novels told from the view of someone it's good for?

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    Had the @riglondon company meeting on my own. Fired everyone, declared myself king of whimsy.

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    @FinalBullet A monorail for the corporates and jet-powered childs’-BMX bikes for the hipsters!

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    @ianbetteridge I only heard the bit of @r4Today where they giggled embarrassedly about “4G”. Because it’s technology and so beneath them.

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    I wrote a bit about that old East London Tech City thing, if you haven’t had enough of it: ‘That dreadful phrase’