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19 June 2010


  1. Week 365

    Fiddling with Today’s Guardian on iPhone/iPad, moving photos, and Pepys.

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    Watched first ep of Luther. Good, and almost saw BRIG as well as Barbican. But I think Saskia Reeves was playing a TV cop, not a real one.

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    I have 630 photos of old things I've since sold, chucked or given away (some doubles, admittedly). That's a lot of physical space saved.

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    Imminent Radio 4 sitcom pilot, @RealDMitchell to play @samuelpepys and Olivia Colman as his sister: Sounds fun.

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    Two women who have been here an age without buying coffee. A man sat in the centre of a three-seater sofa. I'M ROLLING MY EYES!