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2010-03-06 (Saturday)


  1. Week 350

    A busy week on Project Humphry, El Morro and Samuel Pepys.


  1. Jumblr - Unjumble your life.

    Nice map-based Freecycle-alike. Fun to browse. (via Crackunit)

  2. SitBy.Us

    Simple tool that I think lets you see what your Twitter friends are going to at SXSW. There is way too much to go and see.

  3. Colour Contrast Check -

    Handy and nicely-done tool for checking the contrast of colour combinations when designing websites.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    The second time I've seen 'Build My Gallows High' and the second time I've been completely confused. Looks and sounds great though.

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    In a group chat discussing Twitter fiction with strangers, while planning a refactoring of some code.

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    @paulpod Well, snails on the terrace, silverfish in the bathroom, and moths all over. But no bugs, beetles, mice, rats...

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    Watching 1930s and 1960s films about rundown (and improved) housing does make you thankful for having a dry, vermin-free, all mod-cons flat.

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    Right, 11.38am on a Saturday: time to manhandle a huge and heavy plant down the stairs and wheel it over to a law firm.