Week 350

A busy week. I was due to continue working on the project I previously code-named Project Humphrey but that was delayed by a couple of days. So the start of the week I continued at BERG on their El Morro project, bringing a technical specification up to date.

Wednesday to Friday I started work on the next phase of Project Humphrey at Somethin’ Else — I spent a week wireframing the project’s website last month and I’ll be spending chunks of the next couple of months doing the front-end development.

Although that was my day job, I was back to BERG in the evenings to get the PHP thing I was working on in Week 349 up to date with the new spec. BERG are busy folk at the moment, so the office was always busy into the evening.

On top of that, I’ve been trying to keep up with Pepys by preparing the diary entries in the office before work. It’s easier to do there, with a big monitor, and I’m trying to avoid doing it at home on weekends. But, with lots of work on at the moment, there’s no other time than early mornings. Up betimes, indeed.

Next week I’m continuing with Humphrey, and probably squeezing in more on El Morro, and then I’m off to Austin for SXSW. Which means I’ll need to get ahead of Pepys even more than usual, which probably means spending much of Sunday at the office. Busy busy.

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6 Mar 2010 at Twitter

  • 11:05pm: The second time I've seen 'Build My Gallows High' and the second time I've been completely confused. Looks and sounds great though.
  • 7:07pm: In a group chat discussing Twitter fiction with strangers, while planning a refactoring of some code.
  • 6:03pm: @paulpod Well, snails on the terrace, silverfish in the bathroom, and moths all over. But no bugs, beetles, mice, rats...
  • 5:46pm: Watching 1930s and 1960s films about rundown (and improved) housing does make you thankful for having a dry, vermin-free, all mod-cons flat.
  • 11:39am: Right, 11.38am on a Saturday: time to manhandle a huge and heavy plant down the stairs and wheel it over to a law firm.

6 Mar 2010 in Links

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