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20 November 2008


  1. DBD::mysql on Leopard with _mysql_init errors

    I had problems getting the perl DBD::mysql module working. Here’s how I made it happy.

  2. Wholly deserved demise

    John Sergeant quitting ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is the main news in the UK today. Save us.





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    Upstairs. Noticed the computer downstairs was online. Wondered why. Realised it woke itself up to record 'The Daily Show'. Clever thing.

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    @plasticbagUK I fear I'm way too locked in to actually make the switch -- many blogs and many, many templates -- but nngghhhh....

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    Idly wondering about entirely ditching Movable Type for WordPress just so I never, ever have to wrestle with Perl again.

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    How can it still be this hard to get DBD::mysql working on a Mac. "Symbol not found: _mysql_init" Why's it always so hard?

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    Haven't felt 100% for a couple of weeks now: groggy with sore throat. DESPITE new shoes. Weird.