Wholly deserved demise

It’s bad enough that so many people watch this crap. It’s worse that so many people spend so much time talking about it. It’s a disgrace that this is apparently the most important thing in the world today.

UK news, 20th Nov 2008

Come on people, get a grip. I thought Ross/Brand was going to be the year’s low water mark of non-news. Leave this shit to ‘Heat’ and start being journalists. Remember investigating? Exposing? Holding people to account? It’s not like you’ve finished everything else and writing about dance competitions is the only news left. We should be proud of you, not regretting you were ever taught to write.

I know your business model is tanking and your newspapers are going to wither and die but you could at least have the decency to go out fighting so we’re sorry you’re gone, rather than breathing a national sigh of relief at your wholly deserved demise. And don’t get me started on your sorry cousins on TV and radio. At this rate, the sooner all mainstream news services are fragmented into obscurity the better for us all.

(Front pages from PressDisplay.com.)


  • I kinda instinctively agree, but you do have to also admit, people are interested in this story...

  • Yes, unfortunately, people do seem to be interested. In my book, however, newspapers should be about news, rather than purely what people are interested in. They should cover what's important -- what affects the lives of humans -- and there are a million things happening in the world right now more important than this.

  • I couldn't agree more Phil. Although perhaps worthy of mention is that the Guardian chose a far more intelligent (indeed frightening) lead story*, with the John Sergeant nonsense relegated to a position of non-importance, as it should be. The Guardian is increasingly a more attractive purchase for me, and I never buy newspapers! Also interesting that they have one of the better online news sites too.

    * Interesting nugget of info I gleaned from this was that Woolworths makes 90% of their profit in the Christmas period - isn't that just insane!

  • Yes, the Guardian is less bad than the others but I wouldn't say it's good on this front. Being one of two stories on the front page is hardly relegating the story to non-importance.

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Thursday 20 November 2008, 10:31am

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