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Writing: April 2023

  1. w/e 2023-04-30

    Brains and weather, Bluesky etc, finding a USB hub, Barry seasons one and two, and Looking: The Movie.

  2. Blogroll Keepers #9

    More blogs and newsletters I’ve started following. Quite a bit of music and photography, plus several other things, like horse-drawn carriages.

  3. w/e 2023-04-23

    A trip to Bristol, Rye Lane, and two seasons of Looking.

  4. w/e 2023-04-16

    NTS’s Ambient Americana, a new bike trainer and a new bike, baffled at MacBook hubs and docks, and Tamara Shopsin’s Arbitrary Stupid Goal.

  5. w/e 2023-04-09

    Update problems, pressure washing problems, and I Hate Suzie Too.

  6. w/e 2023-04-02

    The Wire playlist for 2023, Derby, Liz, ponds, @samuelpepys on Twitter, The Night Agent, and Billions.