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Me as a vampire

A while back I mentioned a day spent shooting an advert. That advert was first screened on TV yesterday evening. Here it is, Asda’s Halloween 2019 “Little Monsters” commercial:

Asda have made their video private, so this is someone else’s copy

You might need to watch it again, or in slow motion, to get a good look at me. Isn’t modern telly fast!

Here’s a still of my brief big moment:

A still from the video showing me as a vampire, looking scared

During the day of shooting I was amazed at the number of people, and the amount of time and equipment, that it takes to make something as short as an advert. Having seen the ad, and realised how short and quick it is, I’m even more amazed. The amount of care taken over shots that can’t be much more than a second long!

The werewolf and monster required hours of make-up but I thankfully didn’t need so much. I did have to make a special trip to Fangs FX to have a cast of my teeth taken so they could make my custom-fitted fangs — they’re very impressive. My hands were made to look a little unwell, the first time I’ve worn nails:

Photo of one of my hands with pale makeup and long greenish nails

And here’s a selfie I took outside:

Photo of me as a vampire

I’ve never been in an advert before, and how I feel about advertising things is complicated enough that it would require another post. But this was a really interesting and fun experience!

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